301/290 on target to achieve its long life

The 301/290 road stud seems to be on course for a long life with sites of 3 years in use and continuing to indicate 100% success with no losses or degradation to reflectors or the body of the road stud . Indeed particularly noted though taken subjectively was the continuation of a high level of reflex giving excellent night time signals

The concept and development of the 301/290 road stud was to offer the industry a truly long life product. This being a stimulating request originating from engineers who find their window of opportunity to maintain roads more challenging with the constant high level of daily traffic density .The ideal situation engineers say is one of minimum or avoidance completely of any maintenance of road studs between periods of the life of the road surface .

Roadcraft and Fleming took the challenge and the development in which 3M supported with its use of their extremely high reflex 290 3M road stud. The 290 was incorporated into a protected recess of a cast housing which also maintains the safety to nightime reflectivity.

Results taken at 3 years from several monitored sites suggest that Roadcraft and Fleming together with 3M are on the right course of achieving an industry goal.

Should you wish to have further information on any aspect of the 301/290 and its road to success please call Roadcraft or Flemings.