Non Reflective Crossing Studs

Pedestrian Crossing Studs

Pedestrian delineation road studs are non-reflective and are used to indicate controlled or non-controlled pedestrian crossing areas.

All our crossing studs meet the requirements of BS 8442:2015. Crossing studs are cast from an approved grade of aluminium alloy or stainless steel, and installed into the road using Polymer Modified Adhesive (hot melt).

Each stud is approx. 100mm square and is available in choice of finish to best suit your needs, plain (a smooth surface) or profiled sometimes known as serrated (a raised surface) which offers improved skid resistance in adverse weather conditions. The crossing stud shank used for fixing into the road surface is approx. 75mm long.

Full details of our crossing studs can be found on the leaflet and installation guide available on this site for download.

Non Reflective Crossing Road Studs

Non Reflective Crossing Road Studs

Crossing Road Stud Downloads

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