Devon and Somerset adopt the 301/290

Recent area Engineers meetings within Somerset County proposed and adopted the 301/290 road stud as a prefered overall counties choice.Several areas had been evaluating the 301/290 through lengthy testing and critical site trials, and comes on top of reports indicating that Devon County Council has high interest in the 301/290 Individual reports taken from various Read More


Withdraw of the 590

Customers of this product are being advised fully of the decision and the availability of remaining stock. The 3M decision is due to supply issues and escalating raw material costs. 3M and their distributers will continue to offer the 590 until such time as existing stocks are exhausted. Other road studs sold by Roadcraft and Read More


In praise of the northern lights

Drivers in North West Scotland now have something to catch their eye that’s almost as incredible as the scenery. The North West of Scotland boasts some of the UK’s most breathtaking road journeys. From the highlands and lowlands of the Trossachs, to the snow capped peaks of Breadalbane and the sea lochs of Argyll, the Read More


M3 turns to 3M

The largest motorway project in the history of Ireland has recently opened and 3M has 30,000 reasons to be proud of its involvement. For any large-scale civil engineering project to open on time, it’s clear that every stage of the build must run smoothly and efficiently. So when the M3, which crosses from Clonee to Read More


301/290 Product Update

Roadcraft and Fleming advise that our Roadstuds 301/290 and 301/190 though both successfully certificated to BS EN 1463-1-2 have following a customer survey which indicated an overwelming favour towards our 301/290 and with the 301/290 exceeding all performance aspects of the 301/190. Both companies after due consideration of the results have decided to withdraw the Read More


Road Marking Project of 2009

This year the Highways Magazine annual Excellent Awards has a new category for the Road Marking Project of the year. Sponsored by the Road Marking Association (RSMA) this category reviewed benefits that have accrued a reduction in accidents, or road marking design changes or innovations which has improved traffic movements, reliability of use. and a Read More


BSI Certification 301/290 and 301/190

Roadcraft and Fleming have pleasure advising our Roadstuds 301/290 and 301/190 are now successfully certificated to BS EN 1463-1-2 A 12 month road trial at the selected site M4 South Wales (Eastbound) Junction 38 completed the test. Certification within BS EN1463 supersedes our earlier type Approval from The DfT England The Scottish and Welsh offices Read More


Somerset County Council enhance roadstuds

Thousands of 3M reflective studs have been set in the roads of Somerset as part of a county-wide scheme aimed at improving road safety. Like every local authority, Somerset County Council is striving to meet national targets to reduce the number of people being killed or injured on our roads by 2011. The Council has Read More


Product Endorsement

W J Roadmarkings have always found the Roadcraft and 3M products, high performing and durable. The two companies are at the forefront of innovation and technology producing new products such as the 3M 590 and Roadcraft 301 with the 290 inset, that have pushed the performance boundaries and bench marks to another level. Feedback from Read More